OZ Seed Bank Trusted Australian Seed Bank In Perth

G'Day, the OZ Seed Bank is your trusted Australian Seed Bank in Perth mate. So if you're an Australian looking to buy cannabis seeds online in Australia, we can hook you up! We're a reliable Aussie marijuana seed company that ship's your orders out in usually less than 24 hours. So if you're keen for weed seeds in a hurry, order today. We've got you connected to all the great Australian strains that grow well outdoors or indoors in Australia.

Best Australian Seed Bank

Best Australian Seed Bank 2022

We are rated the Best Australian Seed Bank in 2022. So give us your trust and we'll send your our greatest Australian strains like Aussie Blues, our Number 1 selling strain in QLD. Buy Australian Weed Seeds today and get your garden started with the best seeds in the world for growing in the outback. If you have any grow questions or ordering concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime by filling out our 30 second form here.

Other Legit Seed Banks Shipping to Australia

Most seed banks do not ship to Australia, that's why its important to stay up-to-date on all the reliable seed banks with stealth shipping Down Under. BC Seeds has been shipping weed seeds to Australian since 2000. That's over 20 years of stealth shipping expertise. You can trust BC Seeds to get you the best Canadian strains delivered on time. So give their website a try, you can check their seed catalogue out here: https://bcseeds.com

Seed Banks That Freight to Australia

We are one of the only Australian seed banks that freight to Australia using our advanced and perfected stealth shipping. So sit back and relax with a tinny and wait for your seeds to arrive shortly. We also ship to New Zealand using our super stealth shipping methods. We have many Kiwi, Aussie, South African, European and American customers. So don't delay another second, get your orders in before your favourite Aussie strain is sold out.